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The UK Housing Awards are some of the most prestigious in the industry so we knew that winning one was going to be something of a long shot.

However, we also knew that there was considerable interest in the work we were doing in Yorkshire. As a small organisation, we have the flexibility to be responsive, innovative and creative in the services we offer.

For example, our organisation was the first to sign up to help Syrian refugees coming to the UK through the Vulnerable Person’s Relocation Scheme and two of our other services are the only ones of their kind in the UK. In short, we thought we had something a little bit different to offer.

We were surprised, and delighted, to be shortlisted for Outstanding Landlord of the Year. It was a bit of a David and Goliath moment for us as we knew we were up against some big names in the industry.

Our first inclination that we might be in with a chance was when the judges announced the winner as a ‘small, but mighty, organisation’. I don’t think any of us had actually expected to be walking on to the stage and it was a heart-stopping moment when we heard our name read out.

It has been such an honour to win this award. We were overwhelmed with the positive messages from staff, clients, volunteers, stakeholders and partners. Our staff were justifiably proud of this achievement, and we decided that this was an opportunity for us to celebrate their hard work with an extra day’s leave as recognition for their contribution to this award.

The award was something we could add to our email signatures, our annual review, our bids and our press releases. It is a real quality mark and a reassurance that we are working to a high standard and delivering services that are amongst the best in the industry. I am sure that it has helped us to take advantage of new business opportunities over the year, recruit the best staff and enhanced our reputation immeasurably.” 


Paul Gartland, chief executive officer of Horton Housing Association,

Winner of the Outstanding Landlord of the Year 2016



“We consider the UK Housing Awards to be one of the most prominent events in the housing sector and we view the ‘outstanding approach to income management’ category as particularly prestigious.

Picking up this accolade was a fantastic achievement for everybody involved and it brought a great sense of pride to our organisation. Since winning the award our income experts have spoken at the CIH Conference and over 10 other housing associations have asked us to showcase how we’ve achieved record low rent arrears.

Futures Housing Group was also ranked 11th in 24housing’s top 50 landlords of 2016 and winning this award is sure to have played a big part in that recognition.”

Jon Reeves – on behalf of Futures Homescape - Income and Money Advice Team


 Winner of An Outstanding Approach to Income Management 2016


“We decided to enter the awards because they are well respected in the sector, and offered an opportunity to highlight the innovative work Peabody is doing to tackle antisocial behaviour. In terms of impact, it has been great to receive external recognition for this work and that of the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (Co-founded by Peabody).”

Peabody – Domestic abuse housing alliance


Winner of An Outstanding Approach to tackling anti-social behaviour 2016.


"We are extremely proud to receive this Award for Peabody and the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA), which recognises the hard work and dedication of all the teams at Peabody tackling antisocial behaviour.

"We are also proud of the fantastic work of the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance to raise awareness of the importance of the housing sector in tackling domestic abuse. Well done to all the finalists"

Liz Chambers, head of community safety and support at Peabody

Winner of An Outstanding Approach to tackling anti-social behaviour 2016.



"DAHA are incredibly humbled and proud to be recognised by UK Housing awards and the sector.

"Domestic Abuse impacts the lives of millions of people in the UK and this is such a big step forward to putting domestic abuse firmly on the agenda which will ultimately save lives."

Guddy Helevuo-Burnet, Senior Business Partner (Domestic Abuse) at Peabody


Winner of An Outstanding Approach to tackling anti-social behaviour 2016.